Gilberto santa rosa - directo al corazón

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At this point in his early twenties, Santa Rosa had grown into a talented sonero, earned recognition in the salsa community, and was no longer known as El Bebe de la Salsa, as he once had been. Granted, he didn't establish himself as a songwriter, nor as an arranger. Yet his talents were well evident, for he was a rousing performer with a deep-rooted grasp of tradition, which garnered him respect among salsa purists; plus, even early on in his career, he was a well-capable interpreter of songs, tailoring them fittingly for various moods. It was no surprise, then, when he pursued a solo career with Combo Records, one of the leading salsa labels of its time. Santa Rosa made his solo debut with Good Vibrations (1986), a formative album featuring arrangements by Mario Ortiz , Tommy Villariny (aka Tommy Villarini ), Humberto Ramírez , Ramón Sánchez , and Carlos Torres , all of whom would contribute to successive albums. Keeping Cool! (1987) was another formative effort, and then with De Amor y Salsa (1988), Santa Rosa settled into the styles that would become his trademark: a wide-ranging style that encompassed salsa romántica as well as straight-ahead salsa, boleros as well as frenetic dance songs. His fourth and final album for Combo, Salsa en Movimiento (1989), was similarly impressive and individualistic, so much so that he began considering a move up to the major labels.

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Directo Al CorazónGilberto Santa Rosa - Directo Al CorazónGilberto Santa Rosa - Directo Al CorazónGilberto Santa Rosa - Directo Al Corazón